saggitarius 2022 horoscope- yearly prediction

Sagittarius Horoscope 2022- Yearly Prediction

The planets are indicating that the year 2022 is going to bring progress and several major changes for the people belonging to the Sagittarius zodiac sign. Usually, it is observed that the natives of this zodiac sign have a wandering mindset. They do not confront the challenges easily and get disturbed very early and the same is likely to happen even this year also. Although they will not meet with any major problems in the context of health, still they are advised to be careful as there are chances that they may come under stress due to some chronic ailment.

saggitarius 2022 horoscope- yearly prediction

Talking about the career point of view, the year is going to give mixed results. On one hand, there are possibilities of growth at the workplace due to the influence of Mars in the first house in the beginning of the year, while on the other, they may have to work hard due to the presence of cruel planets. Focusing on the financial aspect, they will be successful in getting money from various sources but they have to control their expenses from the very beginning. .

It is seen that the persons bearing this zodiac sign are loyal and always stand by their friends. In this regard, their love life is going to be better than average. Those who are in love are likely to observe positive changes but they have to use their words carefully while talking to their beloved, otherwise, differences may arise. Married people of this zodiac sign are likely to get average results this year. There are possibilities that they may get upset due to the health-related problems of their spouses.

If we purview the family aspect, the favourable outcomes of Mars will be helpful in bringing peace and prosperity in the family atmosphere. Those natives who are students need to study harder to perform well in the examination and secure good marks.

According to Sagittarius Horoscope 2022, the transit of Mars in your own zodiac sign during the beginning of the year 2022 i.e. during January and affecting your first house will give you good profits in financial life. During this period, students will also get favorable results in education. Especially if you are preparing for competitive exams, there will be a sense of positivity in your life. However, during this time, seeing the red planet Mars in your Ascendant house and aspecting your seventh house, some natives may experience some kind of mental anxiety and stress. It is possible for you to feel stressed due to the adverse circumstances going on in family life since Mars will aspect your fourth house of family and happiness.

If you look at your love relationship, there can be disputes with your partner in your personal life as a result of the conjunction of the planet Sun with Saturn in January in Capricorn which falls in your second house of speech and immediate family. Because during this time, bitterness will be seen clearly in your speech, as a result of which you can say something to the partner even if you do not want to, which will hurt their heart. Therefore, this year, you have to choose your words carefully and avoid using abusive language in front of your partner or lover.

After this, between April and June, the transit of Jupiter in its own zodiac sign Pisces and getting posited in the fourth house of domestic comforts, property and happiness is going to bring some compatibility with the members of the family in the ongoing circumstances. Further, during the month of June seventh house lord Mercury will transit from its own house thus, you will be able to enjoy your married life openly. At the same time, the natives in love can go on a journey with their lover between February till mid-April, where you will get many opportunities to get close to each other. However, this year you have to keep in mind not to let any third person interfere in your relationship, otherwise, it will increase the chances of misunderstanding between you. At the same time, the last three months of the year (October, November, and December) are the best for lovers due to the transit of the love house lord in the seventh house of marriage in the month of October.

Now, if you talk about your work and professional life, then the period of November is going to be particularly favorable for it. Because at this time, you will be able to uncover new sources of employment in your life due to the activation of the sixth house of services with the transit of the fierce planet Mars.

Sagittarius Horoscope 2022: Financial Life

Talking about financial prospects, the year 2022 is going to be favourable. Although the transit of Mars in Sagittarius in the middle of January month will strengthen your source of income, you are suggested to control your expenses, otherwise, you may face financial challenges. Jupiter is going to transit in its own zodiac sign i.e. Pisces in the period from April onwards and this time, you will succeed in procuring money from different sources. Especially, the government sector can play a vital role in the same concern since both the planets will aspect your tenth house of authorities.

During this period, you need to stay away from all sorts of illegal activities, otherwise, there can be mental stress. Besides this, there are strong possibilities of sudden financial benefits due to the transit of Mercury in your ninth house in the months of August and September. After this, you are suggested to control your expenses in the last two months (November and December) since your eleventh house lord will be in its own house and then will transit through the twelfth house and lagna during this period.

Sagittarius Horoscope 2022: Health

This year, you will experience positive results from a health point of view. The presence of Saturn in your second house may make you suffer from small problems, but you will not face any serious problems.

From the middle of April till June, you are suggested to take out time from your busy schedule and take rest. There are chances that any prolonged disease or serious ailment may cause your mother health troubles and this will increase your mental stress. As your twelfth house lord Mars will aspect your house of diseases and mother between this period. Besides this, the transit of Venus in your sixth house, the house of diseases, may put you in problems due to infection in the period from June to August. In this regard, you need to take all the precautionary measures to avoid infections. If you drive a vehicle, you are suggested to be careful in the months of November and December as there are chances of meeting with an accident, due to the presence of planet Mars in your sixth house. Leaving aside small problems, the year is going to be favourable from a health point of view.

Sagittarius Horoscope 2022: Career

Understanding the career point of view, the year 2022 is going to give mixed results. In the beginning of the year, Mars will remain posited in your zodiac sign and this will help you progress at the workfield. After this, you will be successful in all walks of life in the period from April to mid-September and your seniors will also appreciate your work, due to the aspect of Jupiter in your house of profession.

After this, the transit of Saturn in Aquarius will give positive results to those who are associated with jobs in the period from April to mid-September. During this time, you will be successful in getting promotions and you may get a good hike. Along with this, if any work is pending for a long time then it is likely to be successfully completed during this time. After the month of October, there are possibilities of traveling abroad and this may prove to be highly favourable, since the twelfth house lord of foreign land will be in your seventh house of journey. You are likely to make new contacts and will succeed in earning from different sources.

Talking about the last phase of the year, those who are in search of a job will have the opportunity to be successful and as far as the businessmen are concerned, this period is going to be rewarding.

Sagittarius Horoscope 2022: Education

This year, there are indications of best possible results in the field of education. Focusing on the beginning of the year, you are likely to get good results in studies due to the aspect of your fifth house lord of studies in your fourth and fifth house respectively. Your efforts will pay you off from mid-February till mid-June and you will achieve good results in exams. Fortune will knock at the doors of those who are preparing for competitive exams as you will be in a position to memorise and understand the subjects properly.

However, the aspect of Jupiter in your eighth house may bring some problems in your studies after the months of June till August. During this time, you will not be able to focus on your studies. In this regard, you are advised not to lose patience and stay calm and take the help of your friends, Gurus and teachers. However researchers will have an edge during this period and they will be able to explore new horizons due to the aspect of lagna lord in the house of depth.

Besides this, the period from September to November is going to be highly favourable for those who are pursuing higher education due to the influence of the twelfth lord of the overseas in the house of competition and examinations. If you are dreaming of studying abroad, you are likely to hear good news by the end of the year.

Sagittarius Horoscope 2022: Married Life

As per the Sagittarius Horoscope 2022, your married life is going to be average. The presence of Mars in your zodiac sign may distance you from your life partner in the period from January till mid-February as there are chances that some differences may arise in your relations. In this regard, you are suggested to sit with your partner and sort all the differences amicably.

Along with this, the conjunction of the Sun with Saturn in Capricorn is going to have tremendous effects on your married life from January to mid-February since it will distort the peace and comfort of your home. This may not only intensify arguments but also enter into the blame game. Your harsh words may put you in trouble and you may hurt your life partner unwillingly. In such a scenario, you should mind your language.

However, the situation is likely to reverse in the period starting from June to July 20, 2022 and the feeling of love and affection will return since your seventh house lord will transit in its own house in July. In the last phase of the year, the presence of Jupiter in your fourth house will bring happiness in your married life. Some natives may also go on pilgrimage with their spouses.

Sagittarius Horoscope 2022: Family Life

The year 2022 is going to bring peace and prosperity in your family life and you are likely to sort the differences that have been taking place over a long period of time. However, you need to be a bit careful in the beginning of the year as you may face mental stress concerning your family matters due to the influence of Mars in your fourth house of domestic comforts and thereafter second house of immediate family. At the same time, the aspect of Mars in your seventh house will help you overcome the problems in a short span of time. Some natives may distance from their family members due to the transit of Saturn in its own zodiac sign i.e. Aquarius in the month of April and this may increase stress level and you may feel alone. But the situations are likely to improve with the passage of time. The transit of Jupiter in your zodiac sign i.e. Pisces will impact your fourth house and as a result of which, you will feel more attached with your family. During this time, you will help your child and try to cultivate better relations with them and you will be able to create a better image in your family.

Besides this, you will be seen spending quality time with your siblings in the period from September to November

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Sagittarius Horoscope 2022: Love Life

Talking about the love life of the natives having Sagittarius zodiac sign, the year is going to be fruitful and there are chances that some natives may have the opportunity to tie the knot with their beloved since your love house lord will influence your house of marriage twice this year. However, the presence of Mars in your first house in the beginning of the year is indicating some clashes with your lover. During this time, you may be emotionally unbalanced and this may cause problems to your beloved. In such a situation, you have to bring positive changes in your behaviour.

Besides this, you will desire to take your beloved to a beautiful place and try to sort out all differences in the period from February till mid-April and this may deepen your relations. However, you should keep in mind that the interference of any third person may spoil your relations and therefore, you must not allow anyone to meddle in your affairs.

You may take the decision to let your beloved interact with your family in the last quarter of the year. During this time, some natives may get the cooperation from the family and there are chances that their love relations will touch new heights.


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