Scorpio Horoscope 2022- Yearly Prediction

Scorpio Horoscope 2022- Yearly Prediction

Although the year 2022 is going to be important from different aspects for the people bearing Scorpio zodiac sign, there are indications of small challenges. Several planetary transits are going to take place in different houses of your zodiac sign and this will give you different results. We often observe that people try to know how the New Year is going to be for them in the context of married life, career, family, health, etc. and therefore, the horoscope 2022 is designed by leading astrologers of Talkastro after studying deeply the movement of the stars and this will give you vivid explanation of your questions. Some remedies have been suggested for your guidance.

Scorpio Horoscope 2022- Yearly Prediction

The year 2022 is going to give mixed results from a health point of view. Especially, the grace of Jupiter in your fourth house will help you to get rid of prolonged diseases.

Talking about financial life, the year 2022 is going to give mixed results. Although you have to take special care of your expenses in the very beginning of the year since the sixth house lord of debt will transit from your second house of wealth, you will be seen struggling to improve your financial status. In the context of career, the year 2022 is going to be average. However, some natives may have to confront some mental problems. If you were planning for a foreign trip, the year is going to be favourable for you.

The year is giving positive indications in the context of family life. During this period, you will have the blessings of your elders and you will succeed in bringing all the family members together. On the other hand, if you are a student, you will get good results in the beginning of the year but you will have to put in extra efforts in the middle as you will remain a little disturbed.

Talking about love relationship, the year is going to be full of love and romance for the people having Scorpio zodiac sign. On the other hand, if you are married, there are chances of getting better than average results. As a result, both of you will be enjoying beautiful moments of your life.

According to the Scorpio Yearly Horoscope 2022, from the beginning of the year 2022 till April, the influence of Saturn on your third house while being in Capricorn will cause an increase in your unnecessary expenses. After this, when the planet Saturn again transits by the end of the month of April and enters Aquarius from Capricorn, then your fourth house will be activated. As a result, you will get mixed results in career, financial life as well as family life. However at the same time during mid-April, Jupiter will also be transiting in its own zodiac sign Pisces and affect the fifth house of your zodiac sign. Due to this, there will be some positiveness in your life. Especially if you are struggling financially, then this time will help you get out of every kind of financial crisis.

Along with this, the transit of Rahu in the sixth house of your zodiac sign on 12th April will also work towards relieving you from your physical problems, thereby blessing you with better health. However, despite this, the position of Saturn will continue to give you mental stress, which will affect your personal life the most. Apart from this, from May to September in the year 2022, many auspicious planets will be seen transiting, which will bring stability to your life and you will be successful in earning a good amount of money. Venus will transit and enter your ninth house in the month of August. In such a situation, your father may have to face some health problems at this time. So take good care of him and look out for his diet and lifestyle. After this, during the month of September, Venus, the God of material pleasures will transit in the house of profit. During this time, you will get lucky and be able to earn profits from different sources.

Scorpio love horoscope 2022 predicts that by the end of April, Saturn will highly influence your fourth house while being placed in Aquarius, as it will cause controversy and misunderstanding between you and your sweetheart. Therefore, try to resolve every dispute patiently with your lover at this time. In addition, the transit of Venus in the Virgo zodiac sign and getting posited in the eleventh house of your zodiac sign between September till October will make Venus weak. This may cause both of you to go away or separate from each other for some time. On the other hand, if you are married, the beginning of the year will be the best for your married life. However, in the last phase of April, Saturn will be seen transiting and changing its placement, as a result of which you may have to face some problems in your marital relationship.

Scorpio Horoscope 2022: Financial Life

Seeing the financial life of the Scorpio zodiac people, the year is going to give mixed results. Especially, your expenses will increase in the beginning of the year since the sixth house lord will be in your house of accumulated wealth , as a result of which, you may face financial stress by spending money uselessly. However, Mercury is going to transit in Pisces in the month of March and this will prove to be financially favourable.

After this, you will be successful in getting money from different sources for the period from May to September since Jupiter will aspect your house of income during this time. Also, you may get back your stuck money during this period. Besides this, you will succeed in getting money from secret sources and you will be participating in religious gatherings wholeheartedly. Further, there are chances of getting financial help from the better half in November and December as Mars, the lagna lord will transit from your house of marriage.

Scorpio Horoscope 2022: Health

In the context of health, the year 2022 is going to give mixed results. The transit of Saturn and Jupiter will prove to be special for your health, especially, the transit of Jupiter in the middle of April will help you get rid of chronic diseases. Besides this, the transit of Saturn in Capricorn in the last part of the month of April will make you feel healthy and strong.

During this period, you will get rid of stomach related problems. However, precautions must be taken in respect to your mother’s health for the period from August 13 till mid-October as there are chances of physical problems and mental stress since eight Lord of uncertainties will aspect the fourth house of mother during the month of August. Besides this, you are likely to be a victim of an accident or physical injury and therefore, you have to be extremely careful while driving.

Scorpio Horoscope 2022: Career

Focussing on the career point of view, the year 2022 is going to remain average. You may suffer from mental problems due to transit of shadow planet i.e. Rahu is in your sixth house and therefore, you should be positive in your attitude in the month of April and May. After this, you will experience some changes at your workplace from the end of May to September due to the transit of Saturn in your fourth house which will aspect your house of profession. However, these changes will remain favourable. There are strong possibilities of getting success for those who are engaged in foreign business or working with an MNC. There are chances of promotions for those who are associated with jobs while on the other, new contacts will bring new business opportunities.

Although you have to be careful from the month of till November as far as your career is concerned due to the transit of eight lord of suddenness in your tenth house of profession. This period will push you to work harder and only then you will receive success in your endeavours. Rest of the year will be highly favourable as you will get maximum financial benefits and chances of promotions are also there. Besides this, you are advised to control your emotions.

Those who are connected with government jobs may face many problems. However, the situation will change from the middle of the year when the Sun will transit from your ninth house in July. If you review the business aspect, this year will be very favourable, especially, you will have success in your planning for enhancement of your business from the middle of May.

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Scorpio Horoscope 2022: Education

The year 2022 is going to remain average from the education point of view. The period from January till March is going to be comparatively better since the Lagna lord Mars will aspect the fifth house of education in the beginning of the year. After this, you have to take special care from May till September as the timings seem to be unfavorable and therefore, you will have to study harder than before, otherwise, there are chances of adverse results and you may feel upset. This time period is going to be a little stressful for the students pursuing higher education. They are advised to take help from teachers or Gurus. If you are preparing for competitive exams, the period from May to October will be extremely favourable for you due to the presence of the fifth house lord in its own sign and there are possibilities of getting good success. Besides this, the timings after the month of September are giving positive indications of success for secondary level students. During this, you will achieve greater progress and success by securing good marks. Along with this, Saturn is going to transit in Aquarius in the last phase of April month. As a result, there are chances of relocation of certain students from October till December.

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Scorpio Horoscope 2022: Married Life

As per the Scorpio horoscope 2022, married people will have a pleasant time and you will be successful in resolving differences and misunderstandings. There are chances of increase of love and romance in your relationship due to the aspect of dynamic Mars in the fifth house of love. Especially, the beginning of the year is going to be highly favorable but the transit of Saturn in Aquarius in April month will bring some ups and downs. During this, there are possibilities of conflicts over petty issues due to the influence of Saturn. In this context, you are advised to resolve all your problems by understanding each other well and showing faith in each other.

After this, you are likely to get free from court related matters from September to November and there are chances that results may come in your favour since your sixth lord will be in a strong position. This will leave a positive impact on your married life directly and you will be enjoying with your spouse wholeheartedly. If you are passing by marriageable age, the period from September till the end of the year is going to be highly auspicious and there are possibilities that you might get the partner of your choice.

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Scorpio Horoscope 2022: Family Life

The year 2022 states that people with Scorpio zodiac sign will be less favourable in terms of family life. There are chances of unfavourable results from January to April due to the conjunction of a number planets in the house of motherhood and there may be unpleasant atmosphere in the family during the same period. You may also experience some problems. The situations will turn better in the months of April and May due to the placement of the fourth house of domestic happiness and mother in its own house and during this time, your mother will play a key role and stand by you like a walking and holding stick.

After this, your family life may be affected by the transit of Mars in the period from June to September but you will put in your efforts to keep all the members together. Also, you will not only have the blessings of elders but also have their assistance. Some differences may be observed among younger siblings in the middle of September month due to the placement of Saturn in the third house. In this regard, you are advised to maintain protocol while dealing with them.

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Scorpio Horoscope 2022: Love Life

Talking about the love life of Scorpio people, the year 2022 is going to be favourable and there are possibilities of enhancement of love, affection and romance. However, you are suggested to play safe in the month of January and February as there are chances of arguments over certain matters during this time due to the influence of Saturn in your fifth house of love.

From the middle of March till September, both of you will be busy in creating a pleasant atmosphere to maintain good relations and with the progress of love in between, the understanding will also deepen. Those who are in search of a lovable partner, the period September to November will afford the best opportunities due to the grace of Jupiter. In the last two months of the year i.e. In November and December, some of the lovers may take the decision to tie the knot.


Chant Hanuman Chalisa on Tuesday and Saturday regularly.

Recite Sunderkand for maintaining peace, tranquility, etc. in the family.

Recite the Beej Mantra of Mars for maintaining good health.

To progress at the workplace, feed the monkeys with jaggery and grams on Tuesday.

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