Astrology of share market

Astrology of Stock Market

There are many people who want to earn profit in a short time, to earn money. Some try lottery, some betting in race course, casino or stock market etc.

So, is there any such yoga in their horoscope which brings in more money from lottery or stock market or betting risky games.What is the reason behind this.

The horoscope of every person who wants to earn quick money from stock market or risk management should be same but it is not so because every person’s birth chart is from different planetary positions. So let’s see how these planetary positions are related to each other which benefit from risk management.

Mercury is a planet which is known for cleverness and smart work, people having qualities of Mercury, earn a lot of money in very short time and the more Mercury is stronger, the more money the person earns.

Stock market is a place that is constantly rising because of Mercury. Let’s talk about the combination of planets with Mercury, if there is a combination of Mercury and Sun, neither one becomes a successful industrialist.

When Mercury and Moon together show effect, then the person earns money from the arts and entertainment world. When the conjunction of Mercury and Jupiter is formed, there is progress in the field of education. If there is a conjunction of Mercury and Venus, then there are more chances to grow in the field of cosmetics and fashion.

When Mercury and Saturn are in conjunction, there is progress in aviation and astronomy. The combination of Mercury and Rahu causes turmoil in the gambling, speculative stock market and media world. The combination of Mercury and Ketu gives special progress in the medical field, psychology and spirituality.

Its true that Mercury is very important for the stock market, but it doesn’t mean that if your Mercury is weak you cannot invest in stock market, many cannot take profit from risk management, Because every person’s horoscope is different, every successful person’s horoscope is different.

The only thing that can be said is how risk management is for you, should you invest in it or not or where should you invest? Whenever we are asked whether a person can earn from  the stock market or not, we see only two things, first the planets of the person at that time and then the planets of the future. Today and how is it going to be tomorrow and what are the ups and downs going to happen in his/her life in future? What we try to communicate, until and unless you have observed all factors, then only try stock market.

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