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Effects of the Maha Guru Planetary Transit on Zodiac Signs 2023

The upcoming Guru Transit i.e Jupiter, one of the most important planet of high significance in astrology will transit into Aries from Pisces on the 22nd April 2023 at 5:15 am till 1st May 2024. This transit marks completion of 1 journey of Jupiter in its zodiac path. Rahu is already present in the Aries zodiac which is creating the Guru Chandal Yog.

Effects of the Maha Guru Planetary Transit on Zodiac Signs

Aries- Arians looking forward to travel abroad for higher studies may receive some positive news. A change in job can also be expected during this transit. A slight hike in the expenditure is likely to happen. Feeding red cows on Tuesdays will be beneficial.

Taurus- A breath of relief can be taken by dear Taureans’ during this transit. Money from foreign land is expected. To keep health on track they should, donate white peda’s to those in need.

Gemini- Marriage is on the cards for girls and boys who have been wanting to tie the knot. Short trips could be planned. Increase in income is a huge possibility in the first phase of this transit.

Cancer- Cancer natives might feel an urge to switch jobs but this will be a good call as they can expect a rise in income. Good effects for students to be expected and experienced. Fasting on Thursdays can help

Leo- Leo natives might feel an inclination towards helping the unprivileged section of the society. Some issues in relationships are seen coming. Income sources to increase is indicated.

Virgo- New job opportunities and peace in existing relationships are on the cards. One must however avoid getting into any disputes during this transit.

Libra- Librans’ might feel a deep connect with their partner with the change in the planetary position. Folks are advised to take care of their health and wear a gold chain if possible

Scorpio – Auspicious time for dear scorpions. Promotion is seen coming your way. However, disputes and litigations should be strictly avoided or they might get one in trouble.

Sagittarius- Some family disputes might take place in the initial months. It’s a good time for students wanting to travel abroad for studies. Keeping 10 kgs of Urad Dal near yourself can be beneficial

Capricorn- Capricorns need to be careful with their expenses. New relationship and new growth opportunities are on the cards. Utmost care needs to be taken, blood pressure related issues can arise.

Aquarius- Aquarians will get new business opportunities or a job switch for good. It’s an ideal time for short trips. Students can expect good results to reap for them during this tenure.

Pisces- Folks need to take utmost care of their health during this phase. Stomach related issues can show up and cause issues. New job change is indicated.

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