Leo Yearly Horoscope 2022- Astrology Predictions

Leo Yearly Horoscope 2022- Astrology Predictions

According to Leo Horoscope 2022, the year 2022 is bringing mixed results for the natives of the zodiac sign Leo. The initial month, i.e. from January to mid-April, the presence of Guru Brihaspati or Jupiter in the seventh house of your zodiac sign will make it possible for you to maintain balance and compatibility in your financial life. As a result, if you were facing some financial crisis in the past, then you will be able to get rid of it. With this, from the end of January i.e. from January 26 to March, Mangal or Mars will be present in the sixth house from your zodiac sign, that is, the house of fighting spirit. Especially during this time, there will be positive changes in the poor health of your children. Also, this position on Mars will give you good results in your professional life, and you will succeed in gaining an increment as well.

Leo horoscope 2022 by Talkastro is going to be very special for the natives belonging to this sign. Because with the help of this yearly horoscope, the folks of Leo zodiac ruled by Surya Dev will get to know every small and big prediction related to the upcoming New Year. It has been seen that as soon as the new year comes, many questions related to the upcoming year begin to take house in the mind of every person and while answering these questions, Talkastro wishes to offer a helping hand with the Leo Horoscope 2022.

Leo Yearly Horoscope 2022- Astrology Predictions

With the help of our predictions, you can know how the coming new year is going to function with regards to each and every area of ??your life. During this time, you will also get every prediction about love life, matrimonial life, family life, financial life, health life, etc., which our senior astrologers have prepared by calculating the movements of planets and Nakshatras. In the Leo Horoscope 2022, you have also notified about some appropriate remedies and measures, with the help of which you can make your upcoming year better.

However, looking at the Yearly Predictions 2022 based on Vedic Astrology, the placements and conjunction of several planets in the months of February and April this year are pointing you to be a little cautious. In April, some of the natives will also have to go through several unexpected events and incidents. On 12th April, with the shadow planet Rahu transiting in Aries, it will affect your ninth house. Due to which the health of these natives of the zodiac sign will decline. Apart from this, from April to August, the presence of Guru Jupiter in its own zodiac sign Pisces and being present in the eighth house of changes and uncertainties will help you attain luck in life. As a result, most of the students pursuing secondary education will get immense success.

After April 22, Rahu’s presence in the Aries zodiac sign will help you improve your relationship with your boss, superiors, and colleagues at the workplace. By this, you will be able to see a rise in your position and salary with their support in the future. On the other hand, if you are married, the initial time of the year will cause health problems to the spouse due to the presence of the seventh house lord Saturn in the sixth house of diseases. But in the months of April to September, with the grace of Jupiter or Guru Dev, you will be able to bring back newness in your relationship. This will help newly married natives think about family expansion. Along with this, several planetary yogas reveal that you need to make constant efforts to maintain balance in your marital life while taking special care in the months of June and August. After this, the transit of Mars in the Taurus between August 10 and October will again bring sweetness to your relationship as Mars will aspect your fifth house of Love.

If you look at Leo Love Horoscope 2022 predictions, several major changes in love life are on cards. Because where Mars is located in your fifth house at the beginning of the year, your level of anger will rise. On the other hand, between April and May, the placement of many planets reveals that the interference of a third person in your relationship during this time can lead to problems and misunderstandings.

According to Leo horoscope 2022, this year is going to be better than normal for the Leo zodiac signed natives. Especially in the beginning of the year i.e. in the middle of January, when the red planet Mars will be relocated in your fifth house in Sagittarius, you will get the best results related to the areas of career, education. Talking about your career, this year will be favorable for your career. Especially due to the transit of Mars in the last week of February in your sixth house of services , you will get immense success in every work related to your field. After this, the transit of the shadow/grey planet Rahu in April in the Aries will also create prospects for location change at the workplace. During this time, you will be able to improve your relationship with your boss and senior officers. This year especially during August, September and October will be the best time for you.

On the other hand, if you are a student, Horoscope 2022 states that you will get good results in your education, but for this you are advised to keep yourself focused only and only towards your education. Especially during the months of February and April, your attention can get somewhat confusing due to the transit of your fifth house lord of studies, for which you will need to make the right improvement in your associations or company. Those students who were thinking of going abroad are also more likely to get positive results this year. But after the relocation of Jupiter in the eighth house from your zodiac sign after April, you will need to take special care of your health.

Apart from this, in matters related to family, marriage and love, you will get better results. From the last week of April to the middle of July, there will be joy in having a family event organized. Though if you are married, then this year will be fine for you, but it is possible for your mental stress to increase due to some health problems of the spouse.

Leo horoscope 2022: – Financial Life

Talking about the economic life of Leo zodiacs, you will get the best results in the year 2022 in matters related to money. The beginning of the year i.e. in the middle of January, if there was a financial crisis, then it will improve gradually. After this, from April 17 to September, you will get secret money through many mediums due to the transit of Jupiter in your house of secrecy. During this time, due to an increase in some wasteful expenses, you may get into troubles. In such a situation, you are advised to spend the money according to the correct budget.

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The time from August 10 to October will also create many beautiful Yogas for your financial life as your fortune house lord Mars will transit from the house of income and gains during this period. Because during this transit of Mars, you are going to acquire the support of luck. With which you will be able to increase your income and this will also strengthen your financial condition and you will get rid of all your mental stress. Apart from this, in November and December you are instructed to put a special check on your expenses, because during this time you may have to face a lot of financial problems due to extra expenses.

Leo horoscope 2022: – Health Life

Talking about health, according to Leo horoscope 2022, you will get normal fruits this year. Till March, Mars will aspect your rising sign by transiting from the sign Capricorn and Aquarius, some improvement in your health will be seen. Especially those who were suffering from a serious problem, they will get some relief during this period. After this, the transit of the planet Rahu in Aries on April 12 will also affect your ninth house and as a result you will be prone to many seasonal problems, such as: cough, cold, fever, etc. In such a period, be cautious about your health during this period.

Apart from this, you will be prone to infection between June 17 and October since the Lagna lord Sun will transit from sensitive houses and in such a situation, protecting yourself will be the most important task for you during this time. Talking about the last 3 months of the year i.e. October, November and December, as this period is showing the best results for you in terms of health due to the placement of Mars in favourable houses providing strength and vitality to you. Because during this time, you will get rid of all your chronic diseases and you will be able to enjoy a healthy life, freeing you from all your mental worries.

Leo horoscope 2022: – Career

If we take a look at the career of Leo zodiac signed natives, the year 2022 will be favorable for it. Especially on February 26, when Mars moves into Capricorn, then you will get immense success in the field. Whether you are a job person or a businessman, you will probably get auspicious results. After this, with Rahu’s relocation to Aries after April 22, you will be able to improve your relationship with your superiors. With their help, you will get a promotion. Yogas are being made which state that the month of August to October in particular is going to be auspicious for your career since the yoga karak planet Mars will transit in your eleventh house of income and gains. Because during this time you will be able to profit from it by completing every unfinished work of your former time on time.

However, in the last phase of October in the field of work, relocation of some of the natives is possible as your fourth house lord of home and family will transit from the twelfth house of movement and travel. The most positive effect of this will be for those jobless people who were thinking of changing their jobs. Also, in the month of November, chances of getting promotions to many people are being made. On the other hand, the time will be better for the business folks than usual. Natives, especially those doing business related to foreign countries, will be able to earn good profit this year.

Leo horoscope 2022: – Eduction

According to Leo Horoscope 2022, you are likely to get a lot of success in education this year. The beginning of the year will be good for you, but in the month of February and April you will need to be a little careful since your fifth house lord of education will transit in the sixth house of fights followed by the seventh house of desires. In this period, you will be unable to keep your mind focused towards education due to some reason, which will have a direct impact on your upcoming exam.

After this, the transit of Guru Brihaspati in Pisces between April 16 and August, will aspect your fifth house and it will help the students with luck. The natives, especially those associated with secondary education, will get complete success. Rahu will also be relocated on April 12, which will affect your luck house. During this period, students studying abroad will get auspicious results since transiting Rahu from the ninth house will activate your houses of travel and long distance. Especially if you were thinking of enrolling in a foreign college or school, at this time you will get good news. Also, for the candidates preparing for the competitive exam, the year will be better than usual.

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Leo horoscope 2022: – Marital Life

According to the Leo horoscope 2022, married natives of Leo zodiac sign will get good results in their conjugal life this year. However, it is possible for your spouse to suffer from health concerns in the initial period since the lord of the marriage house will be in the disease house. Due to which your stress will increase. In this case, like a good spouse, take good care of them. Between April and September, there will be newness in the relationship between you and you will be able to solve your every dispute and misunderstanding together.

In the middle of the year, both of you can also decide to go on a beautiful journey, where you will get many opportunities to get close to each other since Saturn will be in your seventh house of marriage and long journey. You will have an open discussion with your spouse this year about your child or make necessary plans for the same. However, due to your increasing anger in the months of June and August, there will be negative effects in the marital life. In this case, this year you are instructed to be most vigilant at this time.

Leo horoscope 2022: – Family Life

According to Leo Horoscope 2022 in family life, this year you will get family happiness. Because in this whole year many good and important changes will be seen in your life. Especially from January to the middle of April, you can decide to go on a remote trip with people from your maternal side as Ketu will be positioned in your house of family and domestic comforts which will bring movement. Where you spend some time with household members, you will be able to understand their heart. Then it is possible to organize an auspicious program in the family from 22 April to July. If there was a dispute related to the ancestral property, then his decision will also bring happiness in the family by coming in your favor during this period due to the transit of Jupiter in your eight house.

The relocation of Rahu and Saturn in the last phase of April this year will also be very favorable for you. Because during this time, you will be able to take full advantage of material pleasures. Apart from this, between September and November, there will be chances of arrival of any new guest in the house. So at the same time, this year also shows the possibility of being particularly favorable for your siblings. At the end of the year, you will get the support of family and father. As a result, father and your relationship will become sweet and you will be seen taking their advice. Also, if the father was suffering from health problems, his health is also likely to improve at the end of this year.

Leo horoscope 2022: – Love Life

According to the love horoscope 2022, this year the zodiac sign of Leo will see normal changes in their love life. The presence of Mars in your fifth house at the beginning of the year indicates that you will need to have special control over your anger while interacting with the beloved. In such a situation, choose your words carefully while conversing with them, otherwise a big dispute between you two is possible. The interference of a third unknown person between April to May due to the aspect of eight house lord in your love house can also cause problems between you. However, the two of you will be fully capable of strengthening your relationship by solving that problem together.

Any dispute that was going on between you and your sweetheart at the beginning of the year will be resolved after mid-year. At this time, many lovers will grow intimate with their beloved.

They can also decide to get married. In the month of September, you will go on a journey with your sweetheart, where the two of you will be seen having an open conversation with each other. The last two months of the year i.e. November and December will be the best months for you, because during this time you will overcome every problem coming in your love life and take your relationship to the next stage.

Leo horoscope 2022: Remedies for 2022

Regularly add wheat to water in the morning and offer it to Suryadev.

Recite the Aditya Hridaya Stotra regularly.

Use copper on your throat, hands or arms.

Serve cows and feed them green fodder.

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