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Saturn Transit 2023: शनि का कुंभ राशि में गोचर बदल देगा इन राशियों की किस्मत

The great disciplinarian and the Karmic planet, Saturn will change its zodiac sign and will enter into the Air sign of Aquarius on the 17th of January, 2023, according to the Vedic astrology. Saturn takes around two and a half years to cross a zodiac sign and 29 and a half years to finish the full cycle of all zodiac signs. Shani dev is the lord of Karma and justice. He dispenses justice for the deserving and makes us pay for the wrongs we have done in our past lives as well as the present one, too. He makes no compromises.

Sani is Surya Putra with Chaya Devi. In astrology, he governs the Capricorn and Aquarius as its lord. It is in exhalation in Libra and debilitated in Aries. Saturn rules the tenth house, being the house of karma and the eleventh house, which is the house of returns or results, in the Kalapurush kundli. Saturn rules over bones, teeth, knees, and ears. Saturn rules the south direction in Vaasthu sashtra.

Saturn will be positive for people who are straightforward, charitable, and law-abiding wherever it transits. Just that Saturn does not endure injustice, especially towards women, old people, helpless and handicapped people. He punishes people to make them understand the extent of their misdeed so that it won’t be repeated by them or by those involved. Let us see how Saturn will treat you in this transit of Saturn in Aquarius in 2023.

Aries (Mesh Rashi)
This transit of Saturn (as per sidereal system) will be in the eleventh house for Aries. The lord of tenth and eleventh is positioned in the eleventh house of Aquarius, aspecting the first, fifth and eighth house. Being the lord of tenth in the eleventh, expect recognition in your workplace. You will be rewarded for your hard work and dedication this year. You will have tremendous opportunities for growth during this transit of Aquarius. Your dreams will come true. But you have to be careful with investments. You will gain fame in your work area. It is advised that you should not lend money, as there is a tendency to incur losses that way. You could get a companion if you are single. If it is a person with a wavering mind, you may end up in a breakup. You will be practical about love. You may go abroad for your studies, if a student. But you will have to work hard and be focussed on your studies.

Taurus (Vrishabha Rashi)
Saturn is going to be in the tenth house during this transit of Saturn. The lord of ninth and tenth in the tenth ensures that you get lucky in your job search. You may also get opportunities to work abroad. You will have work pressure. You will have duties to be done for your father. Saturn will aspect the twelfth, fourth, and seventh houses. You will focus on your job and get rewarded. You could also change your job or have uncomfortable situations at work due to petty politics. You should be careful about your expenses, especially if you are into business. You may start a new business or expand your existing one. You could get married, as this is an ideal time to get settled. You may have to attend to your mother and your house, as your attention is much needed. You will see tremendous growth in your career.

Gemini (Mithun Rashi)
Gemini will have an eight and ninth house Saturn in the ninth house. Saturn aspects the eleventh, third and sixth houses. You could sell off your inheritance. You will get good support from your siblings. You will have a great time with studying if you are a student. You may get into the course of your choice for your higher education. You may get into foreign universities as well. You may go on a pilgrimage to a distant place. You will grow financially and this is an ideal time for promotion or a hike in salary. You should pay attention to your partner’s health. You should not take debts during this time. Your enemies will perish. You could get interested in occult and may even start studying astrology or tarot.

Cancer (Karka Rashi)
This transit of Saturn in Aquarius is going to be in the eighth house. The lord of seventh and eighth houses is going to be in the eight, aspecting tenth, second and fifth houses. Your mental peace will be disturbed due to marital squabbles. There may be some arguments and you could lose your cool. You may have quarrels with your lover as well. There could be some impediments if you are trying to get into any institution abroad. Career wise, you may lose a project or have minor differences of opinions with your colleagues. The point is to work hard and to be on the lookout for better opportunities. Monetary losses are also in for you, but you could invest in your business.

Leo (Simha Rashi)
Saturn is in the seventh for Leos in this transit of Saturn. The lord of sixth and seventh houses is sitting in the seventh, thus aspecting the ninth, first and fourth houses. Saturn is in its own house. You will buy a vehicle or property. You may go on a pilgrimage. You will join a course or apply for higher education. As students, you will have to work hard. You will become more disciplined in your life and more structured in your thoughts. You will grow financially and will learn how to tackle expenses without falling into debts. This is an ideal time to get married if you are single. You will be very practical about marriage, and the most possible one is an arranged marriage.

Virgo (Kanya Rashi)
In this Saturn Transit in Aquarius, you will find Saturn, the lord of your fifth and sixth, sitting in the sixth house. From the sixth house, it aspects the eighth, twelfth and third houses. You may fight with your lover and have a breakup. You should not borrow money, as it may cause problems with repayment and its closure. You could spend money on litigation as well. You may have differences of opinion with your siblings. You will not be focussed on your studies, if you are a student. You may take an educational loan to go abroad or may quit your studies halfway, as a job abroad may be more appealing to you right now. You will spend a lot of time worrying about your enemies. You will have good growth in your career and new opportunities will come up in the work front. You could spend money on health care. Try to take a medicaI insurance as it will help you in the longer run. Business-wise, you may incur losses, hence be careful. If in the process of starting one, this is not the ideal time.

Libra (Tula Rashi)
This transit of Saturn in Aquarius is going to be in the fifth house for Libra. The lord of the fourth and fifth is positioned in the fifth house, aspecting the seventh, eleventh and second house. This could activate past life karma about marriage, family, etc. You could get your karmic mate, in business, friendship, marital relationship, etc. You need to be extremely loyal to your friendships, marriage and towards family. Students are going to have a difficult time concentrating and focusing on the studies. You may feel like your income inflow is not smooth. You may feel isolated at home and in family circles. You could feel dissatisfied with things related to home. You should perform duties towards your mother without fail. You should take care of her health. You may feel dissatisfied in your job. Your love life may suffer as well due to your pessimistic and negative ways. Hence, perk up and work on yourself. Read motivational books and try to remain socially attached.

Scorpio (Vrishchik Rashi)
Saturn Transit in Aquarius is going to be in the fourth house for Scorpio. The lord of the third and fourth houses is in the fourth house, aspecting the sixth, tenth and first houses. You may feel anxious and not at peace for no particular reason. You may leave your house due to work-related matters. There could be a lack of happiness in the domestic front. There could be some litigation related to land. You should drive safely and be careful about your vehicle. Students will have a difficult time focussing. Extra efforts should be put in to emerge successful in competitive situations. You may want to quit your job, but you should be practical and wait for a new job offer to land before quitting the one in hand. You may have to work hard. There is a possibility for transfers. Businessmen or businesswomen will find it difficult to make the scenario profitable. Stick on and work hard. Get informed advice from professionals if needed. You may feel a general sense of malaise, which should be addressed with proactive steps.

Sagittarius (Dhanus Rashi)
With the ending of Sade sati, Sagittarius will now hold Saturn in its third house during this transit of Saturn in Aquarius, though Saturn is the lord of the second and third. It will aspect the fifth, ninth and twelfth houses. You could lack courage when it comes to love relationships, thus bringing misunderstandings into the relationship. As the third house is the house of efforts, Saturn will bring a lot of hard work in it and you will emerge successful in achieving your dreams and ambitions. You will get opportunities to study abroad. Portals for higher education will be opened wide for you. This is a time for financial growth. Your career will flourish due to your efforts. Your siblings will be very helpful and supportive in all your activities. This transit of Saturn in Aquarius is not that favourable for romance, as you could be a little harsh in your speech and communication. So be careful and remember that Saturn is all about improving the aspects it looks upon.

Capricorn (Makar Rashi)
Saturn’s transit in Aquarius will be in the second house for Capricorns, though Saturn rules the first house as well. Sitting here, Saturn aspects the fourth, eighth and eleventh houses. You could feel a pinch in the pocket when it comes to finances. There could be arguments and fights related to property. You may not keep your word many times. You should be careful of what you speak and how you speak when it comes to family members. You will work hard towards your goal. You may have a tendency to speak harshly. This could bring about losses and also due to careless speech. You should keep your moral integrity at all times. If you work hard, you are going to get a raise in your salary. You may not find this time ideal for students. It should also be noted that for Capricorns, Sade sati is starting its third phase.

Aquarius (Kumbh Rashi)
The lord of twelfth and first will transit the first house during this Transit of Saturn in Aquarius. It will aspect the third, seventh and tenth houses from the first house. You may have to be careful about your expenses. You may feel extremely stressful during this transit, whether there is a reason for it or not. You may switch to negative thinking as well. You should make sure this attitude does not affect your relationships, especially marital relationship. There could be delays in marriage unless you are taking full on initiative to find your match. You may feel uncomfortable in your workplace as well. You may not feel like putting in the hard work. But if you work hard, you will get positive results. There would be excessive workloads you may have to tackle with. It is also to be borne in mind that you are running your Sade sati.

Pisces (Meen Rashi)
The Saturn Transit in Aquarius, for Pisces, will be in the twelfth house. The lord of the eleventh and twelfth houses is going to be in the twelfth house. It will aspect the second, sixth and ninth houses. The first phase of Sade sati is going to get started as well. Expenses will sky rocket for you, Pisces. You have to be extra careful about mindless spending. You may face job-related issues. There will be wastage of energy in the work front. You could lose money in litigation. You may spend money on your father’s health. You may want to change your job, but this is not an ideal time for it. This is not the best time to invest in a business. You may get extremely spiritual during this time and may go on long pilgrimages to distant holy places. You should also pay heed to your body and health. Your first phase of Sade sati will begin with this transit.

Remedies to please Saturn

Taking care of the elderly in the family and old people in general will help.

Helping handicapped people with aids like wheel chairs will get you the blessings of Saturn.

Donating black clothes, til, oil, sandals, blankets, iron, medicines and saturn related items will please Saturn.

Saturn turns positive when one is religious and charitable. Utmost priority should be given to helping those in need.

Helping and supporting those in distress and speaking and standing against injustice also pleases Saturn.

Wearing blue sapphire, after consulting an astrologer, would help during Sade sati.

Staying positive and improving yourself with discipline will improve Saturn.

Saturn wants us to be hardworking and straightforward, or the results could beat us down during certain transits.

Saturn particularly favours the orphans, old people, and the handicapped. Hence, any injustice done towards them will not be tolerated.

Fasting on Saturdays as well as reciting Hanuman chalisa and sani mantra are helpful.

Praying to Lord Shiva will bring the blessings of Saturn.

Burning til oil lamps also helps.

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