Ruby / Manik Gemstone


  • PUREST & FINEST : Lab-Certified Natural Genuine Ruby Gemstone
  • Wearing a Ruby can lead to Professional and Academic Success, Improved Financial and Social Status, Rejuvenated Health, and Better Paternal Relationships.
  • Astrological gemstone, Suitable to all Men and women
  • Certified from reputed laboratory
  • Astrological Benefits Of Wearing Ruby Gemstone
    • Gives Mental Strength. Due to its association with the Sun, ruby gemstone is aptly called the king of gems. …
    • Improves Paternal Relationships. …
    • Brings Name and Fame. …
    • Wards off the Evils. …
    • Commands Authority and Luxury. …
    • Rejuvenates Health Conditions. …
    • Increases Marital Harmony.
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  • Wearing a ruby gemstone can benefit the wearer by begetting support from state, authority, administration, Natural ruby is red in color and it is often associated with passion and love. Rubies are often gifted as a mark of undying love.
  • One of the notable ruby gemstone effects is that it is able to dissolve confusion and give alert, sharp and focussed eye! Individuals who are unable to set goals or see their works through to the end should try wearing a ruby and see the difference,
  • The ruby gemstone with its fiery red corresponds to the Muladhara chakra and can help in balancing it with gemstone chakra therapy.
  • This stone is known to be beneficial to those who have allergies or are suffering from asthma, It gives a strong feeling of confidence and strength to the wearer.

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