Moti (Pearl)


  • Natural Certified Original Pearl (Moti) Gemstone
  • Natural gemstone for astrological positive effect
  • Certificate of Authenticity is Included
  • Stone Quality : Standard 
  • Pearl maintains normal body and mental temperature. Pearl keeps the heart beat normal and lessens the diseases related to ulcer, intestine and other stomach problems.
  • Pearls bring about an emotional balance to a strained mind.
    They also help to cure insomnia, calm stressed nerves and control anger. In fact, people who have a short temper are advised to wear pearls.
    Pearls eliminate the ill effects of the moon and strengthen the mind.
    Pearls also improve self-confidence and create positive energy.
    Pearls help strengthen the bond between husband and wife. It is believed that wearing a pearl on the day of the wedding brings marital bliss.
    Pearls are a sign of prosperity and believed bring good fortune.
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One of the most beautiful gemstones, Pearl or Moti is related to the moon. It represents the psyche in man, controls decision-making and brings fame and fortune to its wearer.

Pearl keeps emotions under control, bestows facial charm, beauty, fame and promotes good memory. It is also beneficial in eye ailments, hysteria, epilepsy, cold cough, asthma, nervous debility, intestinal disorders, and throat troubles.

Just like the softness and tranquility exuded by the moon, the pearl is known to have a soothing and calming effect on the wearer. Pearls, especially the white variety, are symbolic of purity, wisdom, wealth and integrity.

According to Vedic Astrology Pearl represents the planet Moon. If there is a beneficial Moon in your horoscope, you must wear a Pearl. According to Astrology, Moon reflects the human mind, Its impact is on our thinking. Pearls in maintaining the stability and mental pressure.

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