JUPITER Transit in AQUARIUS -21.11.2021

JUPITER Transit in AQUARIUS on 20 November 2021

The Transits Effects are only upto 40-50% or so & Give full results only if the Attendant Dasha/Bukti is in operation as well.

So the Primary Requisite is to check –

  1. If there is a Planet posited in the Sign of Guru’s Transit – Aquarius. If Yes, whether its a friendly or Inimical planet(s).

2.If there are No planets there – Check its position wrf to the Natal Moon like – its in trine / Dustana etc.

3.Also check if the Running MD/ AD is favorable or not
The results need to deciphered based on these

The Importance of 1st Rule
Ex : For Cancer ASC/ Moon ,Guru will be transiting in 8H – Generally not considered good
But if you have Natal VE there – it will do good – Good Money ,Marriage ,Spouse from Abroad etc
Also Guru wil be in AQUARIUS continuously only for about 5 months or so & hence the effects are only for a limited duration.

Let is see the results wrf to the Natal planets if connected to AQUARIUS This is wrt to the Planets in Natal Chart & Guru only.

JUPITER Results in AQUARIUS in relation to the Following planets – if in Aquarius in Natal chart

If Sun is AQUAQUARIUS – Its a Friendly planet & hence may give Economic benefits & good status . But may grow the diseases too ( Hence 70% +ve)
If Moon in AQUARIUS- Its Janma Guru – Still gives Eco Benefits but gives Insults too.
IF MARS in AQUARIUS- Good – May Aquire Property,Good relation with siblings,Career etc .Females – More attachment to spouse
If ME in AQUARIUS: Good for Studies & Exams – though may be average in love matters
If JU in AQUARIUS- Its Jupiter Return – They will take decisions which will last longer – Mostly beneficial . Its a sort of renewal for them
If VE in AQUARIUS: Its not Inimical wrf to Karakatwa – Hence May help getting conceived ,Money ,Wedding etc – But possible quarrels bet Females
If SAT in AQUARIUS: It’s excellent like they will get Jobs,Child & Marriage .
If RAHU in AQUARIUS: Its bit virulent – They should take care of their health – No Muhurta in these 5-6 months . Any Auspicious event only after GURU crosses Natal Rahu Degree
If KETU in AQUARIUS: Possible Debt,Cases & Dent in relationships etc. Sr.Citizens can go on pilgrimage , Spiritual retreats . Not good for Subjective Significance but good for Spirituality
Thus the Native with Natal Moon/ Rahu/ Ketu in AQUARIUS will be impacted adversely by this Transit – More so if their MD/ AD too is in operation at present
If this Guru is connected to 12H by Placement & Aspect – The Natives will do well if Abroad/ Far away in Studies/ Profession – but will have Anger- Disturbances of Mind to some extent

What if Natal VE/ MARs/ ME are Retrograde :
In such cases – They just are not receptive to the Goodies handed out by Guru – They will, only when it turns Retro after sometime

For Deciphering the Results of Multiple members of a family – We need to look at the Main Karta – the Decisive Member & his chart for the results.
However these are subject to modification of the good/ bad transits of planets over Natal Moon
Ex : Now Rahu is transiting over Kritika Nakshatra – Hence Kritika Moon Natives will not get Good results.

The Results of Transit Guru in AQUARIUS is dependent upon the Grahas – connected to AQUARIUS by PAC & their Signified Karakatwam.
If No planet – Decipher the results based on its (AQUARIUS) Bhava wrt the Moon
Also the respective Dasha phal ( MD/ AD PAD) Combined with this Jupiter transit .

We also need to check the Ashtaka Varga Bindus given by JUPITER for AQUARIUS in your Natal chart . If it is 6-7- Excellent ,4-5 – Average ,2-3 – ok not very bad ,0-1 Dismal – No effect !

These Results are fairly applicable (60-70%), even if Natal planets are under Jupiter’s aspect from Aquarius.

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